To change my front tires, do I really need to pay $100 for alignment as well? on 2006 BMW 325xi

Both front tires need changing. One shop adds $100 to the quote for alignment. Another doesn't. Is alignment necessary? Thank you.

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If your tires were badly worn then you should have the alignment performed. $100 is a typical price for all four wheels in the bay area.
Thanks very much.
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I always reccomend that the alignment be checked any time tires are replaced. Tires are costly and a alignment being out can cost you extra wear in the tires and cost more fuel to be used. We charge $80 here on the east coast and the price you say is probbly in range for the left coast.
Thanks very much - does it make sense to put the new tires on the back and move the back ones to the front?
That also is recommended to have the new tires on te rear. Safer handling on wet pavement.
If the tires seem to wear unevenly (say the inside has no tread but the rest of the tire looks decent or vice versa).... then it is highly recommended to get an alignment done or the new tires may have the same fate. You want to get the most value out of your tires.
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