to autotechpat on 1998 Plymouth Voyager

computer reveals that output speed sensor(po720) & gear /? ratio (po731a) are the problems. How much should each cost & labor for each. Where they located?

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I was looking for a simple answer to your question and see conflicting information. I think the codes are related to a failing vehicle speed sensor. Does you speedometer and or cruise control work? If not the likely hood of the vehicle speed sensor failure is more probable. The automatic transmission has several sensors but one reports to the transmission control module which in turn reports to the fuel injection/ignition control module and onto the speedometer head.
There are two speed sensor bulletins relating to these Chrysler products that may relate 21-06-99 regards intermittent loss of cruise control, and 21-07-98 which regards delayed transmission gear engagement.
The transmission has several sensors one is a turbine speed sensor and another switch is a park/neutral switch and the third is the Vehicle speed sensor ,all three of these are in close proximity. The Vehicle speed sensor is on the front of the transmission near the end cover side of the trans, below it just above the oil pan gasket is a black colored park/neutral switch, and toward the engine just next to that switch is the turbine speed switch. I am told this switch fails. Try getting another opinion my information sources were not very clear and recommended using the factory DRAB scan tool.
Thanks again for your assistance, you have been a great help