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Your owners manual is a good place to find information about your vehicle's tire needs. Tire and wheel fitment information and safety and maintenance information (including checking tire pressure and wear) are clearly presented.

Owners should know their vehicle's tire pressure requirements and regularly confirm tire pressure, wear, condition, and age. Due to the advent of driving enhancements such as ABS, ESP, and ASR, correct tire size and tire profile are major concerns.

A further consideration is gross differences in tire wear (new tires on one axle and worn tires on the other axle). Due to the differing wheel speed sensors, the ABS, ESP, or ASR systems may set false fault codes or warning displays.

This is due to the "smaller" tire—the tire with the most wear—having a decreased circumference or rolling radius. The "smaller" tire will increase its speed, which will cause the wheel to slip or lose traction. This can trigger a response from systems such as traction control, automatic transmission shift strategies, and others.

A good rule of thumb is to maintain tire wear within 30 percent, axle to axle. It is best to follow your owners manual and its requirements regarding tire rotation.

Volkswagen Touareg

Larger vehicles such as the Touareg, and vehicles driven in a sporting fashion, will naturally exhibit increased tire wear rates.

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