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All models up to 2007 with cast aluminum wheels may experience a loss of air pressure that is due to porosity in the aluminum casting. Have your repair shop refer to GM SB-05-03-10-003B for instructions on how to repair this problem.

Proper tire inflation is critical to the safe operation of all vehicles. Tire pressure specifications can be found on an inflation sticker on the driver's door frame or in the owners manual. Fuel mileage, increased tire wear, ride quality, handling, and road noise are just a few of the problems that might arise from improperly inflated tires.

Some tires may get a "flat spot" after sitting overnight. This can cause a slight tire shake until the tires reach operating temperature. This is a normal condition.

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Saab Tire Questions and Answers

96 saab, 1996 Saab 900, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, Hayward, CA

i replaced the tires and it still vibrates at freeway speeds and the steering wheel shakes really bad.i checked for loose componets and everything looks ok could it be the steering gear or maybe th...

motorhead_les, 2000 Saab 9-3, 2.0L 4 Cylinder Turbo, Bensenville, IL

I recently purchased this beautifully-maintained convertible having 116K on the odometer. The vehicle's only serious flaw is its lack of structural integrity manifasted by serious "cowl sh...

sastan, 1999 Saab 9-5, 2.3L 4 Cylinder Turbo, Muskegon, MI

I am leaking engine oil (approx 4"x6" spot) from the driver side, center part of the engine. I haven't noticed any other leaks. What could be leaking and how costly might it be?

lmtrusty, 2005 Saab 9-3, Broken Arrow, OK

The light that says Steering Lock Mech Failure and it won't start. What can we do to get it started. The book says that it is usually caused by something beside the tire but there is nothing ...