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Mercury Tires

Mercury Mountaineer 1997–1998

If your vehicle has tendency to drift or pull while driving, shows signs of tire wear, or exhibits poor ride quality, this may be caused by maladjusted ride height settings. Proper ride height should be checked as part of a wheel alignment and corrected as necessary. Have the repair shop refer to TSB-98-17-15 for more information on checking and adjusting the ride height.

Mercury Mountaineer 2003–2006, Mercury Mariner, Monterey 2006

Vehicles with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) may experience a situation where the warning light is on, yet the tire pressures are correct. One possibility is that the pressure sensors have "gone to sleep" and need to be reset. There is a reset tool available, or you can have a shop reset the sensors. Have the shop refer to the Ford TSB-06-3-7.

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Mercury Tire Questions and Answers

copillman, 2007 Mercury Mountaineer, Loveland, CO

cable broke in half from bumper to lowering mech. , spare tire is in place, how to fix

larrymanning, 2002 Mercury Mountaineer, Kalispell, MT

Rear differential seems locked (like old positrack). When turning, one binds and slides on pavement wearing outside of tires. Just started doing that. No problem going straight.

mikie66, 2000 Mercury Mountaineer, 4.0L V6, Ocean Shores, WA

stock rims......can I use 16" rims? any suggestions? it is my daily driver and I do cruise the beach in it.

seeMaryrun, 1998 Mercury Sable, 3.0L V6, Potwin, KS

Was told by an incompetent mechanic that my EGR vacuum line had a clog in it, he couldn't fix it, find replacement part etc. I continued driving it, single mom, kinda need my car, but one day i...

mammysbabies, 2003 Mercury Sable, 3.0L V6, Columbia, TN

it doesn't knock all the time, but after driving thru town i went to park and noticed a knock knock pause, knock knock knock, pause. car was idle in drive and park. also noticed some kind of kn...