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I have checked rear end fluid and u-joints wheels and tires.when I start driving its fine when I get around 45 to 55 the shaking star fast and rough speedo flips up and back downwha up?

How can I negotiate them down?
Front-end is causing uneven tire wear. This is a repeated problem, and I am told the struts are leaking. (I didn't know they could.) I figure they may get in the...

Purchased in July 2014 couple months later noticed tire pressure light on. Took in for service to dealer found nothing wrong rotated the tires light went off.
Light back on a month later

I am having a slight noise under acceleration ever since I had oil changed at a dealership. Thought maybe it was the gas tired all kinds even Prem. I had a truck once that did this and the only way...

First code was P0401 (insufficient egr flow) had it cleaned, where there was very little carbon build up. A couple weeks later light came back on, but then went off the next day. Two weeks after th...