Lincoln Tires

Lincoln Aviator 2003–2005, Lincoln Navigator 2003–2006

Vehicles with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) may experience a situation where the warning light is on, yet the tire pressures are correct. One possibility is that the pressure sensors have "gone to sleep" and need to be reset. There is a reset tool available, or you can have a shop reset the sensors. Have the shop refer to the Ford TSB-06-3-7.

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Lincoln Tire Questions and Answers

, 1997 Lincoln Town Car, West Palm Beach, FL

Can the message be incorrect or the sensor be going bad?

Noise constant but increases with speed. axle or bearing? Kind of a whump whump sound

, 2010 Lincoln MKZ, Florissant, MO

if air bag is not working in passenger rear is there a separate switch behind tire somewhere besides the one in trunk or some kind of electric attachment that I could check

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