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Mtowner, 2006 Lexus RX330, 3.3L V6, Allentown, PA

It happened twice in 3 months during 3-4 hour extend trips driving at turnpike speeds. If feels like a tire is seperating it is so strong of a bumping noise. I pulled off, saw nothing obvious and ...

sac1106, 2005 Lexus ES330, 3.3L V6, Omaha, NE

New tires, new brakes, no prior mechanical issues.

jmstegall, 2009 Lexus ES350, Greensboro, NC

Or could this be a flaw in micheln tires? Had them rotated regular, but this didn't help. They still have 50% of wear left on them.

TCSMOM, 2005 Lexus ES330, 3.3L V6, Chesapeake, VA

2005 Lexus ES330 just had brakes done and new tires. I have no idea where to even begin troubleshooting . If anyone knows I could surly use your wisdom.

lvic, 2002 Lexus RX300, 3.0L V6, Lake Placid, NY

i have problem with abs beacuse fuze was blone i replace that since than car is not stoping way is sappose to be is skiddind than stop after i check tire brake senser is looking fine what else can ...