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wifie, 2004 Infiniti I35, Central Islip, NY

found water under rug,in the front passenger side.The A/C drain is not clogged and I blew air in the sunroof drains.Is there a fix or recall on car? Thank you.

3 times now new wires new battery last time vdc light showed this time the battery and brake light showed my tire sensor light is on was told the sensor isn't installed never had issues untill ...

How do I reset the system to make it work again?
How do I prevent it from ever happening in future tire rotation?
Thanks, Leximum

my daughter broke a tire gauge tool off in the igniton i have tried calling a locksmith but could not remove it so we have to remove steering column and try from backside if that doesnt work i will...

cameowynd, 1998 Infiniti QX4, 3.3L V6, Youngstown, NY

I'm getting a knocking sound and the oil level is full ...I suspect the oil compression swith. The vehicle has over 210,000 miles.