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ne ne, 2004 BMW 325xi, Orange, NJ

when i try picking up speed in my car it feels like my car wont pick up speed and it starts to shake really bad. I have all new tires and my rims arent bent i just got a wheel allignment. It doesnt...

madeline1, 2004 BMW X3, Peru, VT

Just bought a used bmw x3. Transfer case replaced and major repairs done over $7,000.00 Drives beautifully but
has trouble starting.
Airbag light reads "passenger air bag off" and tir...

slancio, 2005 BMW 330i, Clinton, IA

My BMW 535d seems to be having power issues. While driving the computer fails... I loose all systems... Auto trans, steering, brakes, tire monitor, GPS etc. Sometimes all the lights flash. I need ...

kody916, 2004 BMW 325xi, Willowbrook, IL

1. when the speed goes above 60mph, the front of the car starts to vibrate. i can also feel vibration beneath the car.
i even got the balance and rotation test done recently. but one month aft...

ocean740i, 2001 BMW 740i, Huntington Beach, CA

Still shakes. They say I need new tires?