tires hit inside of wheel well when turning very sharply on 2004 Volvo S60

My 2004 S60 makes a loud rubbing noise when I turn the vehicle sharply at low speed. The car has been well maintained and has 65K miles on it. The tires meet factory speks and has never been in an accident. The car runs and drives perfectly and only makes the rubbing noise when turning sharply in a parking lot or turning sharply into traffic. Has anyone had a similar problem with their S60?

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Very simple solution. Will take between 30 min to an hour depending on which option below. Tools required will be car jack, wheel wrench, and a small wrench (9-10 mm ?).

This is the most likely cause. Without seeing it I can not be 100% sure.

The S60 has a restricted turning circle (due to wedging the same size engine as the V/XC70 into a smaller engine bay. How this turning circle is reduced is there are steering limiters. If you remove the front tires there are two cast (aluminum ?) arms (12-18 inches maybe - doing this from memory from seeing it about 3 weeks ago) going down from the steering assembly to two small rectangular (with rounded corners) rubber bushings (one on each side of the vehicle), about an inch and a half long (affixed to a 2 inch narrow aluminum bar). These are held on with two small bolts (9-10 mm), and mounted very close to the brake caliper.

Your tire will strike the inside of the wheel well if these are even slightly worn.

You have two options:
1) If only one side of the bushing looks worn, you can flip these from right side to left side.
2) If it looks like it was flipped once before, you need new ones. A pair just cost me close to $45 CDN. If the shop would have done it, their would have been likely another 30min-1hr of labour at $120 CDN.
I am having this same exact problem. So you are saying it is mostly the bushings that are the culprit? I was told my front bushing (although not sure whether both sides are affected) is worn out and needs replacement. I have to hold off on having it worked because at the time I brought my car in for tire rods replacement -inner and outer on each side. The worn out bushing was incidentally found out by the repair guys only at that point, but I was not ready about the cost yet. Thus, I thought of having it taken cared of at a later time when it is already possible for me. Would I be better off having this fixed ASAP? Truthfully, that rubbing noise does gets on my nerves already.
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Take a look for at a plastic shield inside the inner fender wheel well.
my volvo did this mechanic had to replace a stop on the steering mechanism
There are plastic stops, that are probably wear out, you just have to change them.And meanwhile try not to turn your wheels all the way because you will damage the the tires. that what happen to me.