Tires on 2005 Toyota Camry

recommended tire pressure 29psi,so why do the sidewalls bulge so much?looks like tires are riding sidewalls instead of treads,Is this normal?More air gives a rough ride but tires dont bulge. but a rougher ride.

by in Bronx, NY on February 04, 2010
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ANSWER by on February 04, 2010
What does your owners manual say? 29 seems a bit low, but verify it with your owners manual. I would use 32 psi. That is what I use in my Camry with Michelin tires and it works great. There will be a little bulge, but not too much.
COMMENT by on February 04, 2010
Owners manual says 30psi and I have yokohama tires,will try 32psi to see if there is a difference, thanks.
COMMENT by on October 14, 2010
My shop owner says use 10% less than max. p.s.i. on the tire sidewall. ie. I use Yokohama AVID on 2000 Maxima 44 p.s.i. - (10%)=39.6 psi. I run 38 psi & tire wear is 32K miles. Prorated for the second set since they're warranteed. 2000 Maxima handles well at this psi.
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