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2006 Lincoln Zephyr Question: Tires

Need to replace tires, Best place to buy. -
Answer 1
I would search around your local tire places and see who is having specials on four tires. Or what i have done is gone to tire rack.com and ordered some great yokohamas and when i got them i just took them to a local shop and had them installed-saved a lot of cash! -
Answer 2
The "best" place to buy is a subjective question and can only be answered with an opinion, not a fact. I would suggest buying tires from Big O Tires. They guarantee their tires. If your tire blows or even goes flat by running over a nail, they will replace it if it is still under a certain amount of miles. -
Comment 1
jason94, thank you for youre help -
Comment 2
M_Kast Thank you, but there are n BIG O TIRES in MASSACHUSETTS -
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