Tire wears out and cups on inside? on 2003 Ford Taurus

Why would a tire cup and wear on the inside edge. This is the second tire to do this. The car was alighned after the first one and still did it. The joints on the car seen tight. Any ideas? thanks

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change the struts
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Tire cupping can sometimes be related to worn out suspension components. I would have your local repair center check out your struts and assess whether they are the cause.
Thanks alot guys. I'm going to check the struts and whatever the hook too.. thanks
you need to rotate tires every 5000.mile
And could you explain how will this help him with the tire cup and wear on the inside edge? Rotating will do one thing in this case, wear and cup all 4 tires.
He needs to check the suspension - especially the struts and mounts.

Isn't it obvious? It doesn't fix the problem. However, as the wear is on the inside it's not easily noticed. You could wait until the tread separates from the rest of the tire or you can rotate the tires regularly at which point you'll notice the problem. You're right rotating will cause wear and cupping on all tires. But, it also means you SEE the problem and can ignore it or fix it. Which is better? To know or not to know?
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