Tire Town And Muffler

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1406 S Monroe St
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 222-2224

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Overall Rating

Customer Reviews

April 07, 2015

I brought my car into to have an oil leak diagnosed, and replace a faulty oil pan. They replaced the gasket and oil pan and I provided the parts. It was still leaking so I returned it several times over the next few months and they tightened the bolts, and another time they replaced the gasket and pan again with my supplied parts.

Then they convinced me that the Rear Main seal was the partial cause of the oil leaks also, and they charged me to replace the Rear Main and suggested that the crank shaft probably had a groove formed under the seal and that a product called a Repair Sleeve would be needed. I purchased the parts and they did the work. When they started up the car the oil leave from the rear main was pouring out!! They had put the repair sleeve in improperly, so I had to go and purchase another one.
I showed them the manufactures procedures for installing the sleeve, and the owners father got mad at me and told me to get the hell out and not to tell them how to do their job! They did not follow the manufacturer procedure for repair and it still leaks a small amount.

When I returned to pick up the car to guarantee that it was not leaking, due to this being about the 4th time I had to return, the owner Dave REFUSED to let me inspect the car and demanded only cash, no check, no credit card, then he told me that the work would NOT be guaranteed either and took the keys hostage.
I reluctantly paid the bill and drove a few blocks and inspected the underneath and found that it was still leaking!!!

I immediately took the car to Der Meister auto repair who inspected the car for free ,and we filmed the condition underneath. It had 5 oil pan nuts that were loose and leaking. Der Meister tightened up the nuts to spec and two wouldnt tighten at all because they were tight as could be.

When I drove off I also found that the car wouldnt shift gears when it was running! They had let air into the clutch lines when the installed the Clutch while they did the rear main. I called them the next day as it was after 5pm now, and they told me to drive it to their shop and they would look at it!! Seriously! Drive it there! To have these idiots work on it again!?

I had paid Tire Town and Muffler to stop the oil pan leaks, and apparently they wouldnt guarantee the Repair Sleeve work. The oil pan was still leaking. And they refused to fix it.

I had Honda Dealership inspect and they determined that the oil pan was leaking and removed the lock washers that Tire Town and Muffler had put on the pan, and this appeared to stop the leak. Upon inspection the gasket was torn in several places , in the exact locations of the leaking nuts observed prior when Der Meister looked at it.

Tire town refused to reimburse me for charging me and the repair not being completed, and them refusing to work on the car further.

These people are scum. Do not take your car there!!
They lied about what had happened, were not capable of changing an oil pan and gasket, nor putting on a repair sleeve properly.

I told me that I would have to sue them to get the money back!! Even after I showed them the damaged oil pan gasket, they claimed that someone damaged it after I left them. However it was leaking immediately after I left them and gasket was damaged in the exact places of the leaks!!

They will be super nice at the counter to get your work then they are assholes later.

October 21, 2014

DO NOT TAKE YOU CAR HERE!! You will thank me later. The guys up front are very polite and courteous and seem knowledgeable but do not trust them. I took my 08 F150 up to get a flow-master muffler welded in place of my stock muffler using my stock tailpipe. I explained to the guy up front that I had a 2.5 inch stock exhaust size and I would like a 2.5 inch in/out flow-master welded in place. He proceeded to tell me that he only had a 2.25 muffler available and then he got under my truck and told me that I actually had 2.25 inch exhaust. I knew this was not the case and explained I wanted a 2.5 inch muffler. He welded up a 2.25 inch muffler and 2.25 pipe and welded it all together to my stock 2.5 inch tailpipe. The next day I got under my truck and discovered that I had three exhaust leaks and the muffler they installed had a hole in the top of it and was actually an old used muffler that they spray painted silver to look new. I called them and he told me he would weld the hole in the top of the muffler so it would leak and that's all he could do. What a rip off!! These guys will take your cash and perform crap work and sale you used parts for the same price as new!!! BEWARE!!