tire pressure monitoring system showed some weird PSI levels now blank. on 2010 Cadillac SRX

TPMsystem showed unusually high or unusually low PSI readings for two of my tires. Now all tire PSI numbers blank and message system telling me to get Tire Pressure Monitoring system checked. We tried to put more air in the two low reading tires. Horn blew but numbers all blank. Is my system out and if it has to be repaired what is estimate for repairs.

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See your owners manual. Just a random thought, check the spare tire pressure..? Maybe?
It doesn't have a spare tire but a pump to pump tire back up. They stopped putting spares in the SRX . My son seems to think it is the whole system . Does it have a separate computer? Thanks for your suggestions
Yes it does! Tire shop may be able to help OR a repair shop with a professional scanner. After that, dealer. Wonder what happens if the tire can't be "pumped back up"? 3:00 am, middle of nowhere? Did not know that there is no spare!
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