tire pressure monitoring system is on on Toyota 4Runner

Average mileage: 100,076 (29,000–147,999)
2 model years affected: 2004, 2005
16 people reported this problem
11 people shared problem details
2004 Toyota 4Runner29,000
tire pressure indicator stays on, even though tire pressure is good
2005 Toyota 4Runner147,999
Tire pressure light comes on erratically. I add air or check tire pressure but light continues to come on erratically.
2004 Toyota 4Runner80,000
Always shows light for under inflated tires, although I just aired them up
check the spare. that fixed mine.
2005 Toyota 4Runner98,000
Light was not on when purchasing the used 4 runner - only 1 week later and light came back on even when I have car serviced regularly light never goes out brand new all terrain tires I put on the car and still light is on
2005 Toyota 4Runner145,000
tire light stays on all the time... even after having new tires put on professionally. have not fixed the problem yet.
2004 Toyota 4Runner131,000
Tire pressure light on, sensor picking up low spare. Fix was inflate spare tire.
2005 Toyota 4Runner105,000
non-penetrating nail in tread caused tpms to go on, despite no loss of air pressure. light turned off by tire shop, but they saw after 100,000 the sensors tend to need replacement at about a cost of $50 per tire including mounting tire.
2004 Toyota 4Runner127,000
Tire pressure light is on
2004 Toyota 4Runner110,000
My tire pressure sensor unit in the spare tire is broken, and needs the rubber tire valve replaced with a metal valve
my tpms light is on -tried resetting it @ toyota to no avail ?
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