Tire Air or nitrogen on 2010 Volkswagen Jetta

Sir, This may be a stupid question, so here go's. A friend of mine recommended to put nitrogen in my tires instead of air , good idea or bad idea??? Thanks, J. Martin

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Nitrogen is great ! the Nitrogen does not expand or deflate in cold or hot weather. Your tires will wear longer. The downside to Nitrogen is Can be Costly to have your tires deflated and inflated with Nitrogen and You may not be able to just pull up anywhere and have nitrogen added if you have a flat tire someday. You do not need to mix regular air with Nitrogen also...
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the theory is that because the nitrogen molecules are "larger" than compressed air, they will dissipate/leave the tire less frequesntly resulting in more stable air pressure. This is true but the cost is prohibitive and nitrogen is simply another money-maker for the dealer. Save your money.