TIPM software update on Dodge Nitro

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The engine may stall at times due to a software issue with the totally integrated power module (TIPM). Updating the TIPM software should correct this issue.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 96,881 (2,000–159,000)
4 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
12 people reported this problem
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While using the remote key to LOCK/UNLOCK the care, the horn starts blaring, the wipers (front and rear) start going, washer fluid shoots out, doors lock and unlock independently. Doors will not unlock/lock with remote. The lights start blinking. I have to physically unlock the car and quickly open before it locks again. The second time my son was driving on the highway and this all occurred while he was driving at night. He was able to pull over but was clearly shook up. When turning on the engine the horn starts blaring again, with lights blinking. If he tuned on/off the windshield wipers the horn starts blaring and the lights start flashing. When pressing the actual door lock the horn starts blaring. It took 3 restarts to try to continue the drive. It is clearly unsafe to drive this vehicle and is negligent on our part to try to do so. This is are main source of transportation. I am really scared of what could happen should the entire system shut down on the highway. What if the steering goes out again and someone is killed? I looked up similar issues and found that there were numerous other complaints regarding 2008 and 2009 Dodge Nitros. The diagnosis is apparently a faulty TIPM. There appears to be a national backorder on this part and despite this, still no recall for the 2008-2009 models only the 2010-2012 have been issued. I purchased a Dodge because I truly felt that it was a great vehicle and I am worried and disappointed that they are not standing behind their products. What will it take? How many deaths or near freak accidents before they actually make this right?
Unlocks don't work
engine stalls while idling
vehicle just dies for no reason when accelerating from light. fuel spews over when filling tank. drivers door wouldnt open from the inside.
1st occurance was about two weeks ago. While parked at home the horn starting blaring and windshield wipers going ballistic. Used my remote to try to get it to stop and tried starting my car to no avail. After a short time it did go off.

Two days ago, a repeat. Though this time I was driving down the interstate when things went haywire. Horn blaring, windshield wipers going freaking crazy. About 3 miles down the road I was able to get off interstate and luckily pull into a tire/auto repair shop. They don't do electrical work but they did pull the horn fuse to get it to stop blaring and eventually windshield wipers stopped. It doesn't seem to matter whether the vehicle is running or not. The engine light came on during both occurances and woul go aff after the car had been started a few time thereafter.

All of this made me stop and think about the possibility of another issue being connected to this. On a couple of occasions, my blower motor speed would not blow. Air would come out but you couldn't change the speed. From what I've been reading, this could possibility be tied to the other problems.

Bringing to dealership Monday. I do know that this repair is definitely not on the cheap end of the scale. I sooo hate this vehicle and do not like not feeling safe!
2008 this happened with the horn & windshield wipers. Last night driving, my car, suddenly down shifted while on the highway when all the icons lit up with the wipers & horn going off. Also while only going about 40 mph the rpms were registering over 3+, I pulled over, tried turning off the ignition & the car wouldn't turn off! Absolutely terrifying. Taking him to the dealer today.