timing/transmission belt on 2000 Honda Accord

just got this 2000 accord with 36000 miles on it in florida. should i have the timing belt done even though its below the recommended number of miles for replacement?

by in Mattituck, NY on March 13, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 13, 2009
Your mileage is certainly below the average yearly driving done by most drivers. Car manufactures always give timing belt change intervals based on mileage and years, some engines rather than others are known to break timing belts at or around the timing belt change interval but this engine does not prematurely break timing belts. The down side is if this engine does break its timing belt it does serious damage to the engine. Timing belts fail if they become contaminated with oil (due to leaking seals or gaskets) but the rubber in a timing belt naturals degrades over time due to heat cycling and natural ozone decay. For piece of mind I would replace the timing belt.
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