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1998 Dodge Durango Question: timing the engine

hello i need hepl timing my engine recently my timing chain broke but i didnt know. I tried to start it up again but wouldnt start then i realized wat had hapened now i need help timing it beacuse when i had tried to start it up again the crankshafft gear moved only and not the cam gear how do i set them both correctly -
Answer 1
need to know which engine you have to give you better directions but usually on american cars there will be a mark on the crank & one on the cam that point towards eachother when the timing is correct. -
Comment 1
it is a 5.2 liter -
Comment 2
on the 5.2 there are two timing marks, the one on the crank should directly up & the one on the cam should point directly down. they will make a vertical straight line through both shafts. -
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