timing on vehicle on 2004 BMW 545i

i replace the valver cover gaskets, now vehicle shows check engine light stating all cilynders misfire, i wonder if it lost the timing..please help i have no money and it is my only transportation

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their are valve timing solenoids in the valve covers. they have to be resynced with bmw scan tools
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Customer Concern: Vehicle runs slightly rough at idle and has a fault stored for the tank ventilation valve.
Tests/Procedures: 1. The tank ventilation valve is on the front of the driver's side of the engine. It will have a 2 wire connector and 2 purge lines connected to it. With the key-on-engine-off, there should be battery voltage on one of the wires. Reconnecting and grounding the other wire should cause the valve to open.

2. Verify that the valve does not leak when de-energized.

3. Smoke check the intake system for leaks and repair as necessary.

4. The crankcase ventilation system should maintain a minimum amount of vacuum at the oil fill cap. If the vacuum level is greater than 1/2", the ventilation valves will need to be replaced. The valves are on the top of the valve covers and can be replaced individually.
Potential Causes: Defective Crankcase Ventilation Control Valve
Defective Evaporative Emission Ventilation Solenoid
Leaking Intake Manifold
Defective Wiring — Wiring to the tank ventilation valve defective.

Diagnostic Codes: 2772, P0300, P2187, P2189
Get rid of the car and buy a Subaru! My 545 is a nightmare and the dealer is a ripoff.