Dodge Grand Caravan Problem Report

Dodge Grand Caravan Timing Cover Oil/Coolant Leaks are Common

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Timing cover oil and coolant leaks are common, the oil and coolant don't normally mix. Our technicians recommend to replace the timing chain and cam sprocket if the timing cover is removed to reseal - or for any other reason.

Thought to be a water pump, my mechanic took the front of the engine apart. The culprit turned out to be an inherent problem in these motors, the timing chain cover gaskets. I changed the timing chain and the water pump, as long as he had everything apart. This went from an estimated $300 water pump job to an $1100 major engine repair. The sad part is that it is a design issue, and Dodge could have done a better job, or made the repair something that would not require 2 days and a major tear-down of the engine. -
Observed coolant next to timing cover. Removed cover and replaced gasket and o rings. O rings were distorted. After fix, I later observed same leak again. -
my car is always overheating. i've noticed that there is a coolaint leak -
leaking from top rear bolt area -
oil and coolant seals replaced from leaks -
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