Nissan Maxima Problem Report

Nissan Maxima Timing chain tensioner bleeding off oil pressure

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The timing chain tensioner may bleed off oil pressure after the engine is shut down. This can cause a rattling noise when the engine is started cold and a revised timing chain tensioner and guide are available to correct this issue.
timing chain rattling noise coming from passenger side of engine. -
I bought this maxima real cheap through a friend of a friend. Went for about a10 mile drive and the oil light started flashing and heard the timing chain slapping loudly.i drove it home, took the front valve cover off and i couldn't believe what i saw.there was so much sludge in there!!! Unbelievable the car still runs good as out does. gonnaclean it out best i can,drop the oil pan and clean the screen,replace the tensioners and guides,and hope for the best!! -
sounds like a diesel -
ratting noise in timing chain cover -
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