timing chain tensioner on 2001 Dodge Stratus

I have just replaced the water pump and put ti back together and ran it. it runs great but after ten min, a clapping noise started to happen. Timing marks were all on, there is no problem with the engine, however i did put the end of a coat hanger in the tensioner the get the oil out and reset the tensioner, i may have damaged the little ball valve at the end of the tensioner? If the valve is not working what doe's that do to the tensioner, not shur if thats the problem or not like i said the engine runs good!!

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Purge oil from timing chain tensioner using the following procedure:
Place the check ball end of tensioner into the shallow end of Special Tool 8186 .Using hand pressure, slowly depress tensioner until oil is purged from tensioner. Reset timing chain tensioner using the following procedure: Position cylinder plunger into the deeper end of Special Tool 8186. Apply a downward force until tensioner is reset . NOTE: If oil was not first purged from the tensioner, use slight finger pressure to assist the center arm pin of Special Tool 8186 to unseat the tensioner's check ball. CAUTION: Ensure the tensioner is properly reset. The tensioner body must bottom against the top edge of Special Tool 8186. Failure to properly perform the resetting procedure may cause tensioner jamming.