Timing chain replacement on 2004 Honda Accord

Have 100,110 miles. Honda service mentioned at my last service -97,000 miles, that we needed to do the timing chain around 105,000. I keep hearing different opinions on this procedure- cost, other parts required, etc. Truly, how bad is it? My car runs well and I have no issues, but will be traveling next month and don't want to invite trouble.

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The 2004 honda accords have internal chains the serpentine belt is what drives the rest of the componets, that should be replace at the 90,000 mile range.
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The reason the timing belt needs to be changed is so it does not break while you are driving (usually in the middle of nowhere). It is better to get it replaced before it breaks because there is always a chance you could damage the engine. I would suggest getting it replaced AND changing the water pump, too, since the belt drives the water pump. I have seen belts replaced and 3 months later, the water pump is leaking. Costs will vary from shop to shop. A dealership can be more than a local shop, but they do know all about Honda's and use genuine Honda parts. It is unlikely that your belt will break on your trip, but it is better to get it replaced and not have to worry.
The 04 Accord is not timing belt driven, it is timing chain driven. It is not usually something you have to replace as a maintenance item, but if you really want to, probably around 150K miles is best.