Timing Chain replacement on 2005 Scion xB

I have 35,000 miles. Do I need to replace my timing chain for this model before I hit the 50,000 mark?

by in South Gate, CA on June 28, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on June 29, 2009
No, you don't. Timing chains are not regular maintenance items, and they don't need to be replaced unless there is a repair that needs to be happens. Check your owner's manual. If you have a timing belt, and not a chain, it will need to be replaced at an interval defined by the manufacturer.
ANSWER by on June 29, 2009
The Scion XB has a timing chain. I haven't seen any problems with them, two customers have 100,000 to 130,000 miles on theirs no problems at all.
ANSWER by on January 04, 2010
I have one customer with 190,000 on the same chain with no problems, not a wear item unless abused.
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