Nissan 200SX Problem Report

Nissan 200SX Timing Chain Noise May Lead to Timing Chain Failure

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Excessive timing chain noise, a rattling or ticking, on higher mileage cars may lead to timing chain failure, which can cause engine damage. There are upgraded chain tension guides with a steel backing to improve durability and a modified repair procedure no longer requires the removal of the cylinder head to replace the timing chain. Maintaining proper engine oil level and frequent oil changes are important to ensure the long-term durability of this engine.


Chain has not gone yet but is very loud! -
loose rattling timing chain has resulted in timing jumping as in no start, weak exhaust pulses as the intake valves are slightly open during compression stroke rather than intake and exhaust valves both being closed at tdc. -
Excessive ticking noise in engine with check engine light soon remaining on. Replace timing chain. -
New chain, worked beautiful -
Timing chain noise, had my "great" mechanic replace it and now my vehicle runs like a "top"! Using a high grade synthetic motor oil for the entire life of my engine, helped tremendously. -
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