Timing Chain Guide on 2001 Ford Explorer

What are the chances of the timing chain guide breaking in a roll over?

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What's your problem? If you have engine noise than this might help.

Customer Concern: The engine generates noise from the driver's side front area of the timing cover. Oil pressure appears to be low at idle but will increase with engine RPM when testing with a mechanical gauge.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Remove the valve cover on the driver's side of the engine and check for the amount of chain slop when rotating the engine back and forth to determine if there is excessive chain wear or movement.

2. If the chain movement does not appear to be excessive, remove the intake plenum and replace the chain tensioner as well as installing the updated intake gaskets.

3. If chain movement appears to be excessive, remove the timing cover and inspect the tensioner and chain guide for excessive wear issues. Replace the chain guide cassette and guides if necessary.
Potential Causes: Timing Chain Cassette
Timing Chain Tensioner