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2005 Toyota Camry Question: timing chain belt maintenance change

timing chain belt maintenance change-when -
Answer 1
My book shows 90,000 miles is the mileage that the timing belt requires replacement and you can get a estimate here http://repairpal.com/estimator?car_type_id=4267 and locate a shop near you here http://repairpal.com/directory?address=85255&car_brand_names=Toyota -
Comment 1
Thank you so much, hemicuda!! And for the repair shop info too. Is there an instance the timing belt could go bad at 58,000 miles? We live in Scottsdale (desert-land), but usually do not travel dirt roads. Any thoughts? This is my 72 yr old mom's car - she has kept all maintenance must dos. debbianne -
Comment 2
Is extreme weather its always better to change the belt early because if it breaks it will cause major internal engine damage -
Comment 3
We hve just had hot, dry weather (110 degree days) with hardly any rain. MMy mom will geta 2nd opinion just to be on the safe side. Thanks agan, Hemicuda. Debbianne -
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