timing chain on 1994 Ford Tempo

i need to replace the timing chain. Any advice would be great. Is it difficult to replace? What reading should you get when you put a timing light on it?

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2.3L Engine

1. Remove the engine and transaxle from the vehicle as an assembly and position in a suitable holding fixture. Remove the dipstick and tube.

2. Remove accessory drive pulley, if equipped, Remove any accessary belts. Remove the crankshaft pulley attaching bolt and washer and remove the pulley using tool T77F-4220-B1 or equivalent.

3. Remove front cover attaching bolts from the cover. Pry the top of the front cover away from the engine block.

4. Clean any gasket material from the surface.

5. Check timing chain and sprockets for excessive wear. If the timing chain and sprockets are worn, replace with new parts.

6. Check timing chain tensioner blade for wear depth. If the wear depth exceeds specification, replace tensioner.

7. Remove the oil pan.

Oil pan removal is recommended to ensure proper sealing to front cover.
To install:

8. Clean and inspect all parts before installation. Clean the oil pan, cylinder block and front cover of gasket material and dirt.

9. Apply oil resistant sealer to a new front cover gasket and position gasket into front cover.

10. Position front cover alignment tool T84P-6019-C or equivalent, onto the end of the crankshaft, ensuring the crank key is aligned with the keyway in the tool. Bolt the front cover to the engine and torque bolts to 6-9 ft. lbs. (8-12 Nm). Remove the front cover alignment tool when complete.

11. Replace the front cover seal with new. Lubricate the hub of the crankshaft pulley with polyethylene grease to prevent damage to the seal during installation and initial engine start. Install crankshaft pulley and hand-tighten bolt.

12. Install the oil pan.

13. Install the accessory drive pulley, if equipped. Install any accessary belts removed earlier.

14. Torque crankshaft pulley attaching bolt and washer. Tighten to 140-170 ft. lbs. (190-230 Nm).

15. Remove engine from work stand and install in vehicle.