timing chain on 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

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recently I had a water pump put on my alero and now it is in the shop again for the timing chain breaking what could of caused that to happen.
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The water pump work likely had nothing to do with the timing chain work. The vehicle is 12-13 years old with I don't know how many miles. Parts of the engine do not all wear out at the same time. The teardown will hopefully show what caused the timing chain problem but i doubt if is actually broken in two.
the person who put he water pump on also put a tensioner and a timing guard on as well if those were not assembled correctly could that be the cause to the chain breaking
Is the engine a 4 cylinder? The water pump is driven by the timing chain on the 4 cylinder engine only. If the engine has high mileage, it is good practice to replace the chain and chain tensioner with the water pump repair. The chain guides should also be inspected.
the mechanic replaced the chain guides and tensioner , but did not replace the timing belt and yes my alero has high mileage it is a 4 cylinder 2.4 liter quad 4 engine.