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2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Question: timing chain

how much does a timing chain cost to put in this car -
Answer 1
When I look up this vehicle all the engines use a Timing Belt, so I will help you with that. The times range from 2.5 hours for the 2.4, 3.0 for the small V6 and 6.4 hours for the 3.5 V6. The timing belt runs about $75, though I would do a lot more than just the belt. To give a complete estimate, I need to know which engine you have. But for openers, just multiply the labor hours by the Labor rate per hour and add the cost of the belt. -
Answer 2
If this is a four cylinder it is critical to replace the timing belt when called for as they break prematurely on the Santa Fe. -
Comment 1
It is 3.3L 6 cylinders Santa Fe. The cylinders 2 and 4 are causing misfire, the coils were replaced and did not help to fix the problem. -
Answer 3
can someone tell me if my chrysler sebring 2002 4-cylinder has a timing chain or timing belt? if it has a timing belt then i will replace it as im hitting the 60,000 mark soon . thanyou -
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