Timing belt/water pump replacement on 1994 Toyota Camry

I just bought a Toyota Camry (94) V6, it has 91,000 miles. The timing belt has not been replaced, I have an appointment to get it done next Monday at my own mechanic- but I am still nervous to drive, since I commute about 40 miles a day all highway. Should I make an earlier appointment elsewhere?

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Toyota recommends replacing the timing belt at the 60,000 mile service, so if it is the original, you are driving on borrowed time. My thought is that if it has gone this long it will go another week. The good thing is that you wont harm the engine if it breaks, but will will need to have the car towed. In the end this is all just a gamble and know one can tell how bad the belt condition is without visually inspecting the belt. Has your mechanic looked at the belt? Maybe he can inspect it and let you know if it will go another week.