timing belt & water pump on 1999 Honda Civic

How often is it necessary to cange the timing belt & water pump. My car is a `99 Honda Civic with a little over 108,000 miles on it. They've each been changed with the last 5 or 6 years

by in Enfield, CT on August 10, 2010
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ANSWER by on August 12, 2010
For this year Honda Civic , every 6 years or every 105,000 miles I would do the whole job, i.e. the timing belt, water pump, the cam and crank seals, the timing belt tensioner as well as all the drive belts. You should do the thermostat every time as well and put in brand new factory quality coolant. Don't forget about your valve adjustments either, at least every 30k. If you do this, your car can go well over 200k.
COMMENT by on August 12, 2010
Thanks for your advice. My car is at 108k so I question if timing belt/water pump actually needs to be replaced. Not sure if I trust the service shop.
COMMENT by on August 23, 2010
I have a 2001 Civic and replaced the timing belt for the first time at 210,000 miles. The factory installed belt still looked like new. Now, at 212,000 miles one year later, the check engine light came on, and the mechanic told me I needed a new timing belt and water pump! Now after a month in and out of the shop($2600 later with a new cat converter, tune up, water pump, etc...), they are telling me it failed the block test and they are working up a quote to replace the head gasket because it is overheating. I don't trust any of them to do the right thing.
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