timing belt vs. timing chain on 2000 Toyota Camry

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On my 2000 toyota camry with 2.2L 4cylinder engine, I am getting conflicting stories. Can anyone tell me if it has a timing belt or timing chain. I am planning on getting a tune-up(it has98k miles;my son just bought it used) and want to make sure a mechanic doesn't charge me for a belt if it has a chain. Please advise. Thanks for your help!!
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Your car has a timing belt. According to the book it takes 3.2h to replace it. I would recommend replacing all the pullies, water pump and timing belt tensioner at the same time. In order to get these parts replaced one at a time you will have to remove the timing belt again, so it might be a little more money involved in order to do that, but at the end you save a lot of money as the
mechanic is already there. Usualy we give a package deal to customer, we charge only for timing belt replacement and the rest of the components you pay only parts. Ask your mechanic if possible to give you a package deal too.
The 2.2L 4 cylinder engine on your Camry is driven by a Timing Belt. Toyota recommends to replace it every 90,000 Mile Service. Check out the RepairPal Estimator and get a detailed estimate adjusted to your location.