timing belt replacement/water pump/thermostat on 1998 Honda Civic

Purchased pre-owned car from dealer/shop. Had it checked by third party mechanic. Recommended timing belt/water pump/thermostat be replaced (68,000k). Seller replaced belt but not pump or thermostat stating both appeared to have been replaced. How can I be sure?

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There is no way to be sure without seeing service records and receipts. If the owner doesn't have records perhaps they had all their work done in one or two repair shops you could contact those repair shops and see if they can help provide records. If in doubt you have to replace them and keep better records yourself.
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One of the main causes of water pump failure is not performing a cooling system flush on a regular time frame. I do not mean a open the pet cock on the radiator, but a power flush of the cooling system. If you have coolant that is bad you will have premature water pump failure.
The interval for changing the timing belt is 105,000 miles under normal conditions, 60,000 under severe conditions.
I am not sure what you mean by "68,000k" I am assuming you mean 68,000 miles. If you do a cooling system power flush I believe your water pump is fine.
Even if the timing belt breaks it is NOT AN INTERFERENCE ENGINE.
In my opinion I believe you will be fine.
Unless you have money to spend.
Well one reply said to replace the parts and this one seems to suggest I'm ok, even without replacing the timing belt? What kind of a job is this cooling system flush? And I did mean 68,000 miles. I'm not at all eager to spend money that's not necessary so how to I reconcile the apparently conflicting responses here? I'm new to RepairPal.
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