Timing belt replacement problems on 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

When I removed the cam pulley on the right side of the motor, cylinder number one side, the cam came off of tdc and is now either one way or the other of tdc. My question is, have I done any possible damage to the pistons by moving the valves via the cam without moving the crank in the same fashion? On a side note, can you push the cam seal on the same side in too far? I think the seal started on a little lopsided and I pushed it on with a PVC pipe but it looks like it may be in too far. Should I pull it back out and get another one or will it be ok?

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no 100% answer here. it is not possible to damage the piston but it is possible to bend a valve, though not very likely. depending on how hard the cam "snapped" in whichever direction. re-attach cam sprocket (so you know the direction to turn it back to TDC). don't even think about not replacing cam seal. remove it get a new one and install to correct depth. risking engine damage over a ten dollar seal or doubt about depth aint good.