Timing belt replacement on 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have been told by my car dealer that I should have the timing belt replaced, because of the age of the car. I only have 33,000 miles. Should I do it, just on their advice? I thought I could wait until I had 60,000 miles.

by in Osseo, MN on September 21, 2010
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ANSWER by on September 21, 2010
Rubber components will age even if they are not being "used". Also, there is always a tension on the belt even if the engine is off. I have replaced many timing belts with scary cracks on them - even before the suggested mile interval. Just ask some VW tech, they will know what I'm talkin' about... Don't take the risk, get it replaced so you won't need to worry about serious engine damage. Zee
COMMENT by on September 21, 2010
Thank you for your answer. I will have it replaced. I was quoted $700 to do the job at the dealer. I am not crazy about spending that kind of money, but I understand that it takes several hours to get it off and put another one on.
ANSWER by on September 26, 2010
If they inspect thebelt, a it is worn, you should replace it. When my 2003 approached 70000, I was told to replace it to keep within warranty guidelines, ad I did. It cost a total of $425 parts and labor. Hyundai learned from this, by placing timing chains in vehicles 2008 and newer.
ANSWER by on December 20, 2010
Bought a Porsche 944S with only 26000 miles on it. The belt was many years old though I figured it was so low mileage that I didnt change it... Big mistake it broke within 6 months of my purchase and caused all the Valves to collide with the cylinder heads resulting in a total valve job.$2000.00
ANSWER by on December 27, 2010
Definetly get it changed. I got bamboozled with a simple raditor change at the shop that cost $900. Then said I need a new timing belt. I said forget it I spent too much money already and felt they were lying. Well they lied about the raditor, but my timing belt...Well, while driving on the freeway going off an off ramp, my car decided to stop. Timing belt broke and stopped the whole car. I brought it to a different shop and said I had a huge risk now of not having a working car if the engine didn't get messed up. Huge mess, I got lucky and it didn't stall the engine but it was yet another hefty bill. Don 't make my mistake. Get it changed!
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