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2003 Volkswagen Jetta Question: Timing Belt Replacement

Just bought a VW Jetta with a 2.0L engine and 69,000 miles.. Does this engine have a timing belt or chain and when does VW RECOMMEND replacement -
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It has a belt and the replacement interval is 105,000 miles. I'd get the timing area inspected though, make sure there are no oil and coolant leak. Here is the 70,000 mile service: 70000 MI or 112000 KM Inspect: Air Bag Systems Check the air bag system every 12 months, regardless of mileage. Check function / damage. Battery Brakes and Traction Control Check for damage/leaks, thickness of pads and brake fluid level. Shift Interlock, A/T Check operation including park/neutral position switch. Washer Fluid Check fluid level, add if necessary Replace: Engine Oil Oil Filter, Engine Rotate Wheels Rotate front to rear Good luck with your new car! Zee -
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thank you...this is very helpful -
Answer 2
The service for a 2003 Jetta timing belt is every 80k miles. -
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The info from VW: Vehicle: 2003 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan L4-2.0L (AVH) Level Maintenance Service Intervals : 105000 MI or 168000 KM Replace: Engine Oil Oil Filter, Engine Timing Belt Timing Belt Tensioner Zee -
Answer 3
85-105k timing belt needs to be replaced,give us a call we can give a free estimate -
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