2005 Toyota Solara Q&A

2005 Toyota Solara Question: timing belt replacement

do i need to replace my timing belt at 60,000 miles...or 90,000 miles? -
Answer 1
Toyota's own website has all their "minimum" service requirements. http://smg.toyotapartsandservice.com/guides.php?xv=0&xy=0&xint_id=0&v=19&y=2005&int_id=18 3MZFE engine requires a timing belt change every 90,000 miles -
Answer 2
90k is suggested It will not hurt the engine if the belt should break. but your down! -
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I only have 25k miles on this car and was told water pump and timing belt needed replace by dealer today during their inspection while changing the oil.
How much does it cost to replace a timing belt.
my 2000 solara waterpump went out. i am having the timing belt replaced to. what would the cost be together . do they bill each replacement alone. or being that some parts are being taken off for o...
Shop says timing belt replacement is recommended along with a few other things totaling $945