Timing Belt & (or) Transmission on 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Going up hills, my 88K engine lurches, & I wonder if it will stall out. Would this be the belt or tranny? I've had the A/C belt replaced.

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Trying to find the cause of this problem if the car was in my shop would be very hard, doing without seeing your car is impossible. You will need to take this to a shop, and be sure you can reproduce the problem consistently, and take a technician for a ride to demonstrate it for them.
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I have a 2003 PT with turbo and I thought the turbo was messed up. It was actaually a cylinder misfire under a load which may be the same thing you are experiencing when you go up a hill. once I replaced the plugs and wires (around 75,000 mi) it runs like a champ and no more sputter or hard miss. I think the turbo charge also exxagerates the misfires when pushing the car. hope this helps