Timing Belt or Chain Replacement on 2004 Saturn Vue

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My repair shop indicated their records show the Vue's timing belt (or chain) needs to be replaced every 50K miles. My Vue has 78K+ miles and runs well. This is an expensive service procedure. I've seen various schools of thought. What is really the recommended mileage?
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my books say 80000. it will run good till it breaks. by then your expensive service goes another 1500 to 1800 for bent valves.

My Saturn dealer was ready to change mine at 100,000 miles. But the car was running great, no rough acceleration or idle. Anyway, just turned 200,000 miles. I am hearing a rattle at about 2500 - 3000 rpm when accelerating. wondering if that might be the cause....???
don't get taken it needs to be done at around 100,000 miles under normal driving conditions and 50,000 under severe conditions like pulling trailers, driving in hilly roads or when the outside temp are very very hot where you live or super cold most of the year where you live ( Alaska )
Factory specs call for replacement at 100,000 mile intervals. This engine is an "interference" engine. Meaning that if the belt breaks the valves will collide with one or more pistons and ruin your engine. I just had mine done by a reliable shop and it cost $348.00. It's cheaper than a new or rebuilt engine.
That mechanic only read part of the instructions. If you drive normally, in a non-stress environment for the car, you don't have to do it until 100k. I would 1. find a different shop because that mistake was either on purpose to get more money out of you, or the guy really didn't know. 2. get that belt changed asap! I need to have mine done and I'm just waiting for the part to come.