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2004 Toyota Avalon Question: timing belt or chain

Hi, Ihave a 2004 toyota avalon with a vvt-1 v6 engine.Ihave been told that it has a timing chain.Is it a chin or belt?Which is true?And how much would it cost to change.THANKS -
Answer 1
I believe it is a belt. the belt is around 49 labor is 4.5 hours. i would think about replacing the water pump, thermostat and drive belts a well. Roy -
Comment 1
Also idler pulley, tensioner pulley and tensioner. -
Answer 2
1MZFE engine only for that year, it has a timing belt, retail cost of parts, and labor to replace belt water pump antifreeze both cam seals, crank seal tensioner and idlers here in CA is approx $850. Make sure if you are comparing prices that each repair shop quotes for same parts and labor operations. -
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