timing belt interfence or non interfence? on 1996 Ford Contour

I was wondering if this engine is a interference or non interference engine? Also timing belt component kit, or just a belt? Are their any seals that should be changed on this engine the same time as the belt replacement? The water pump should be changed same time as well?

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This is a dual over head cam engine and those are interference. This engine is made by Mazda, it is a very good engine.

I would do the cam seals, and the front crank seal. Also do the water pump and any idlers and tensioners. That way the timing belt job won't be due for another 90k or so. If you don't you will have to go back in there and replace the other items before the next 90k comes around.
Also what is the degree of difficulty of doing it in my driveway? What would the amount of time to perform? I know shops that do these a lot quoted me a day. Thanks for the quick response.
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just had mine done last month it is a non interference. pully kit and beltinstalled was $300 and the valve cover gasket was changed as well. mine is a 96 2.0 dohc it was not an interference but know of a friend who has a ford probe 2.0 dohc and his valves where all bent but mine was fine
Ah ha ha no these are not interference engines these have the same engine as the ford escort zx2. The exact same, and in the manual its marked interference but its not i don't care if it broke while you were driving or it was at an idle i does not bend the valves the engines have plenty off space for them not to bend. just either put it in time or pay to have it put in time. but he is right you might want to replace them other gaskets it prevent future failure.
Yes these are a NON-INTERFERENCE ENGINE!!!!!!
Wondering how to do timing do know how ford contour 2.0 help