2003 Honda Pilot Q&A

2003 Honda Pilot Question: Timing Belt Change

What should expcet to pay to have my timing belt and water pump replace (including [parts and labour)? -
Answer 1
About $1000 is what it really costs. It is a 6-7 hour + job depending on the options you have and factory quality parts are not cheap, the belt is $35, the pump is $130, then coolant is about $25. -
Answer 2
$1100.00 for genuine replacement parts.(highly rec.) -
Answer 3
I paid $667.00 at the Honda Dealership with Honda Parts. -
Comment 1
what dealership location did you take it to? -
Answer 4
depending if it is factory or after market parts, should run 600-800(but you should do your cam seals and crank seal too, your already there) -
Answer 5
I'm at 150K miles on my 2003 Pilot (I'm original owner). Figure it's time to get the timing belt and water pump, etc taken care of. I just called my local Honda dealer and they told me $895 + tax. So I called my mom & pops place and they told me $575 + tax... and they normally cut me a break if I pay cash. -
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