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2005 Chevrolet Aveo Question: timing belt / cam shaft sensor

hello i have a 2005 chevy aveo and i just got the parts for the timing belt - water pump, pulley, timing belt, tentionr tmg belt or whatever... anyway i have a couple questions 1. my check engine light came on and it said something about a cam shaft sensor my car is at 86,000 miles does this usually need to be changed too around this time? 2. If i already have the parts for the timing belt change do i need any other parts and how much would a mechanic usually charge to put a new timing belt in if i have the parts? (so i don't get ripped off) :):) thanks for any help you can give me! phil -
Answer 1
There is no "normal" time interval for the cam sensor in your 2005 Chevrolet Aveo to fail that I know of. It may be a good idea to diagnose the fault to try and confirm the cam sensor is indeed at fault. You can check the repairpal estimator for cost information regarding your timing belt replacement. You may have a difficult time finding a shop that will install parts that you supply. Most shops would rather supply the parts in case there are any warranty issues down the road. -
Answer 2
Timing belt and water pump replacement labor hours are usually 3.5. Reputable mechanics charge anywhere between 70 to 100 dollars per hour. With this type of vehicle, I would take it to a gm dealer though. Not many people know how to work on Aveos. -
Answer 3
you shouldn't need to replace the cam sensor but you will have to have a cam shaft sensor relearn done at a dealership if it has been moved. hope that helps -
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