Timing belt being replaced on a 1995 Geo Prizm, 1.6 on 1995 Geo Prizm

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Timing belt being replaced on a 1995 Geo Prizm, 1.6, and the mechanic is just now finishing up after 10 days of working on it, of course he hasn't worked solely on mine all this time, he's finishing putting on the water pump and all seals, he mentioned that he has to put a crank seal on, is that necessary when doing a timing belt? There were no oil leaks at all, except minor around the valve cover, before he started. The car has 140,000 miles, man. trans. and ran perfectly except for worn belts, and no missing or anything bad. I even paid $1000.00 more for the car than the book value, because it was in excellent condition with new tires, cold a/c, the only thing needed was belts replaced.
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repl seal always while your there. 10 days is way to long maybe try another mech next time
Thanks for your answer, and yes, he took way too long to do the job, and I don't think he did it right, because before I brought the car to him, it ran perfectly with full power and after replacing the spark plugs, wires, oil, coolant, and the belts, it didn't run right, took it back to him, he adjusted the timing, fully advanced as far as it would go, he said, now it runs, almost as good as before. I think he missed the mark for the timing, should I insist he redo it properly?
I also forgot to ask if the valves can be adjusted on this engine? He says no.
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the timing belt is off at least one tooth. take it back and insist he fix it and in a timely manner, but be nice about it. il ck on valve adj in the am when im at work, yes there is valve adj on this motor
Thanks very much for your help, this is the first used car I've ever bought. In over 40 years of driving, I've always had new vehicles, and this is all a new experience to me. In the future, I will have to pick a mechanic based on his certification, and not by referral.
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