timing belt at this maintence advised as a precaution???? on 2002 Lexus SC430

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I was told that this maintenance is a costly one because they advise changing the timing belt, etc. This has been garage kept and always receives the recommended maintenance on schedule. Is this really necessary...and if so, what should it cost?
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I guess you are talking about the 90,000 mile service.
Yes, the timing belt is a must to do, since the 4.3L is an interference engine, which means valve to piston damage occurs in the case of timing failure.
Beside the belt I'd strongly suggest ALL the serviceable timing components replaced (water pump, idler pulley, tensioner pulley, crank and cam seals), not just the belt.
A good Toyota / Lexus specialty shop can beat the dealer's price and have the job done just as good.

Thank you! What is a specialty shop, and how do I find one? I always take it to the dealership, just because I want things done right...but it'd be nice to save some money too! How much should it cost?
There are independent shops specializing in Toyota / Lexus, sometimes owned by ex-Lexus technicians. You can check the Directory of this page to find one in your area. Call them for a quote. You can also ask your friends about reputable shops.