2004 Toyota Solara Q&A

2004 Toyota Solara Question: timing belt and water pump parts and labor

timing belt and water pump replacement and 90,00 mile check up, parts and labor -
Answer 1
I am having it done to my 2004 Solara. I am replacing the belt and the water pump and the tensioner if it is worn. Cost is $448 plus tax which will be about $20. So figure on $500. It needs to be done at 90,000. I waited until 101,000 miles so I was living on borrowed time. I love this car and want to do preventive maintenance to keep it huimming along. It has been the best car I ever owned. -
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my 2000 solara waterpump went out. i am having the timing belt replaced to. what would the cost be together . do they bill each replacement alone. or being that some parts are being taken off for o...
I've been quoted $670 plus tax for water pump and timing belt replacement. Is this good offer?
Shop says timing belt replacement is recommended along with a few other things totaling $945
now today on my way home, there is a 200' path of fluid and when I start the car, there is a rough, loud noise coming near the drive belt area. any ideas? thanks!